Team Building / Conflict Resolution

All organizations need healthy and motivated employees. Reducing stress, improving team-management relationships, resolving conflict and improving leadership skills will increase your profits, save you money, improve employee performance and motivation and ensure you retain your best employees. Dr. Ameet worked with UNICEF, GIZ, IPSOS, Fairmont Hotels, Tarpo Industries, CISP-Somalia and Ol-Pejeta.

Health Retreats

These life changing healing journeys create confidence, clarity and inner peace because they encourage you to resolve emotional blocks and negative beliefs while enjoying nature and the beauty of Africa. We use energy psychology, yoga, naturopathic medicine and nature to help you achieve emotional balance. Sometimes at the beach, or in the bush, you’re always […]

Feel Good Book

FEEL GOOD focuses on healing your mind and body for optimal health.Inflammatory foods, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, your liver and thyroid all affect mood and brain chemicals. Emotions change and negative beliefs come with stressful times. Counseling, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, energy psychology and special exercises in this book take you on a life healing journey.