• Effective communication enhancing team performance and dynamics.
  • Safe conflict resolution with clear awareness of issues within the team.
  • Empowering individual strengths within the team.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and networking skills
  • Managing stress and staying healthy and focused

"Ameet's workshops have a more long lasting impact on team building and relationships than regular team building workshops and are more suited for senior level management." - Asim Shah, CEO, TARPO Industries

The professionals who work with you are your most valuable asset. To help you retain and keep them motivated, we use advanced forms of coaching to run experiential workshops that improve communication and relationships amongst your staff and encourage them to be more responsible.

People who do these workshops feel they are more aware of their impact on other people in their team. They have more trust and respect for their managers and for the organization. Each individual in your team gets personal attention, develops their strengths, improves their way of relating to others and changes the way they handle conflict.

Ameet has worked with UNICEF, Fairmont Hotels, CISP-Somalia, Young Presidentsユ Organization, International School of Kenya, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, American Womenユs Association, Tarpo Industries, and others on team building, trauma work and stress management.

Remember: Some of your staff face personal issues, management conflicts, trauma, stress and beliefs which interfere with their performance and affect the working environment, culture and output of your organization.

When working with an organization, I always ask people in the organization to email me confidentially in order to create the best exercises that suit the entire organization. It is not uncommon to notice a theme of dissatisfaction, mistrust, or some other problem in these emailsノ

Gestalt therapy is a form of coaching that encourages dialogue, authenticity and responsible (response-able) communication. Itユs extremely powerful in creating leaders, healing relationships and giving clarity in awareness of the other person as well as of ourselves, our habits, feelings and triggers. By understanding and processing our behaviours and feelings with awareness and in conscious contact / conscious communication with another, we receive support from the other as we go through changes. This mutual exchange of acknowledgement of our ability to change with one another develops renewed relationships between people ミ relationships which are infused with trust, strength and acknowledgment of how one can support the other.

Team building requires trust, communication and a change in perspective and relationships in order to be long lasting. Gestalt and the other approaches I use facilitate change and personal growth in individuals at a very deep and tangible level. By organically changing people with the correct form of support, it is hard for these people to revert to old dysfunctional behaviours because they are more self aware of their impact on others and on themselves. With this sense of responsibility, and a feeling of mutual support from the team, leadership is generally encouraged and emerges naturally within the team.

How Team Building + Staff Wellness Saves Your Company Money


  • Conflict creates stress, inhibits communication and reduces employee productivity
  • Stress increases fatigue, reduces motivation and creates illness
  • Your best employees will leave your company if stressed and if conflict is unresolved.
  • You lose money when you rehire new people and have to retrain them
  • Illness inhibits productivity, reduces staff, increases hospital costs.


  • Team Building + Coaching motivates staff to perform better and become leaders
  • Conflict resolution removes tension, improves management-employee relations
  • Communication ensures easier flow of information = time saved + more productivity
  • Staff Wellness reduces fatigue, burnout and stress = less sick days + more productivity
  • Less sick days = more productivity + less replacement training costs + less hospital costs.